The Story of the Foundation

Established by Joseph R. Biondo in 1986. The Ingeborg A. Biondo Memorial foundation financially assists developmentally, neurologically and physically challenged individuals, their families, their caregivers and others in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

The Foundation was created as a living memorial to Joe's wife, Ingeborg A. Biondo, whose life ended in 1979 in an automobile accident. Mother, wife, friend and children's advocate, Inga led a life defined by her passion for her four children and the many specially-abled children she was devoted to helping. The Foundation continues to build on the community outreach initiated by Inga. With many government programs already available to people with disabilities, The Biondo Foundation offers something new and different.

The Ingeborg A. Biondo Memorial Foundation is brought to you through the support of its' board members whose integrity and compassion are second to none. With arms outreached beyond state borders to our neighboring communities of New Jersey, New York as well as Pennsylvania, the following individuals are committed to the continued success of the Foundation.

 Joseph R. Biondo * Joseph P. Biondo * Ronnie Biondo * Lisa Schleer * Kim Sabadish

Peg Schaffer * Arthur Ridley

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